Graduate Students

All the scholarships listed below are available to graduate students.  However, each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements. Click on the scholarship to see if you qualify.

The Foundation’s online scholarship application website – FORT SCHOLARSHIPS is now open and accepting applications for the 2020 scholarship season. There are two 2020 application deadlines – Feb. 1st and April 1st.   All those scholarships listed below have a deadline of April 1, 2020, unless otherwise noted.

AAUW Knox Graduate Scholarship
Eileen Harrison Education Scholarship
Fireside Theatre Scholarship     (February 1, 2020 deadline)
Gene Halker Memorial Scholarship
Jason Dahnert Memorial Scholarship    (February 1, 2020 deadline)
Jerome Hake Engineering Scholarship    (February 1, 2020 deadline)
Jim and Lee Vance Scholarship
Juanita Schreiner Memorial Scholarship    (February 1, 2020 deadline)
Medical Careers Scholarship
Phyllis Zeimen Family Scholarship
Ralph & Clara Rutledge Memorial Scholarship
Robert & Judith Knapp Scholarship
Walter & Louise Buell Graduate Scholarship