2018 Scholarship Awards

In 2018, the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation set a new record, awarding 113 scholarships to 85 students. Of those 85, 49 were high school seniors, 15 were undergraduates, 17 were graduate students, and 4 were returning voc tech students. The total amount awarded was $309,450.

The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors would like to express their enormous gratitude to all the thoughtful and generous people who have created, or donated to, our scholarship funds. These investments in our citizens, made one person at a time, open up wonderful educational opportunities for our residents and lift our entire community. We love where we live.

Below are just some of the 2018 recipients. Click here for a complete list of the 2018 recipients.

$2,000 Buell Graduate Scholarship

2010 Fort grad, teacher in the Madison School District, pursuing a master’s degree in education at Edgewood College

$3,000 Knapp Scholarship
$2,500 Hake Engineering Scholarship
$2,000 Vance Scholarship

2015 Fort grad double majoring in computer engineering and computer science at UW-Madison

$5,000 Medical Careers Scholarship

2011 Fort grad pursuing a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Marquette University Dental School

Two David F. Veith Performing Arts Scholarship awards were presented to Fort Atkinson High School graduating seniors Dallas Borchardt and Noah Keating at the high school’s May 23rd Awards Assembly. The Veith Memorial Scholarship Fund was established last year at the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation in memory of former Fort Atkinson High School teacher David Veith. Pictured above, left to right, are recipients Keating and Borchardt with Community Foundation Vice-chairman Kristin Wallace.

The first recipient of the new $1,000 Science Matters Scholarship is Fort Atkinson High School graduating senior Lillian Gomez, pictured here with award presenter and scholarship fund co-founder, Breck McHenry. This scholarship was established at the Foundation last year by the McHenry family of Fort Atkinson who wanted to reach back and offer current students the same scholarship support that their children received as well as encourage students to pursue a career in research science, technology, engineering, mathematics or computer science.

The 2018 Theodore W. Batterman Family Scholarships were recently awarded to five graduating seniors at Fort Atkinson High School. These $12,000 scholarships offered by the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation are payable over the students’ four-year college careers. Pictured above are the 2018 recipients with presenter Anna Bishop Courtier, herself a 1998 Batterman recipient. Left to right, they are: Manuel Martinez, Abigail Schwab, Tess Baker, Holland Foelker, and Garvin Volquardsen.

The Fort Atkinson Community Foundation presented two $22,000 Walter and Louise Buell Merit Scholarships to two graduating seniors at Fort Atkinson High School’s Awards Assembly held on May 23rd. Pictured above are the two 2018 recipients, Morgan Garlock and Mark Riggs, along with presenter and Community Foundation Vice-chairman, Kristin Wallace.

$2,000 Eileen Harrison Education Scholarship
$1,850 AAUW Knox Graduate Scholarship
$1,000 Buell Graduate Scholarship

2000 Fort grad, Fort high school teacher in the Ag Department, pursuing a Master of Science
degree in Career & Technical Education

$2,000 Buell Graduate Scholarship

2014 Fort grad, pursuing a graduate degree in optometry at Southern College of Optometry (SCO) in Memphis, TN

$4,000 Schreiner Scholarship
$2,000 Buell Grad Scholarship

2013 Fort grad pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at University of Utah

$3,000 Rutledge Memorial Scholarship

2010 Fort grad pursuing a doctoral degree in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Utah

$2,500 Hake Engineering Scholarship
$2,000 Vance Scholarship

2017 Fort grad majoring in industrial engineering at UW-Madison

$3,000 Rutledge Scholarship
$1,000 Zeimen Scholarship

2010 Fort grad pursuing a doctoral degree in human development at Auburn University

$1,000 Buell Grad Scholarship

Fourth grade teacher at Purdy School pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership & administration

$2,000 AAUW Adopt-a-Student

2016 Fort grad pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at UW-Madison

$1,000 Buell Grad Scholarship

2014 Fort grad pursuing a master’s degree in public affairs and public administration