Community Grant Guidelines

Who may apply:

  • Applicants must be non-profit, tax-exempt organizations that serve a public purpose.
  • The grant application must be approved and signed by a supervisor, when applicable. For example, a request involving the local school district or its students must be approved by a building principal or the school district’s superintendent. Requests from city departments must be approved and signed by the city manager.

Purposes for which funds may be requested:

  • Projects should be for educational, cultural, charitable or benevolent purposes that will benefit and improve
    the Fort Atkinson community.
  • Projects should be creative, innovative and address community needs.
  • Projects are expected to be accomplished within a specific period of time, generally not more than one year.

 Community Grants typically are NOT awarded:

  • To support operating or on-going expenses of organizations
  • To pay wages or salaries
  • In response to annual drives, to eliminate previously incurred deficits or expenses or for debt retirement
  • To endowment funds
  • For religious or sectarian purposes
  • To individuals, other than through awards or pre-established scholarship funds
  • For lobbying, partisan political purposes or campaigns