Types of Funds

Whatever your age, whatever your means, whatever your background, you have ideas for your charitable giving.  You may want to support an organization you value or perhaps you have interests in a few different fields.  When you open a charitable fund within the  Community Foundation, you benefit the causes that matter most to you.

Which type of charitable fund is right for me?

We will work with you to find a fund best suited to meet your charitable goals. Consider a:

  • Designated Fund: Open a fund to provide ongoing support to a particular charitable organization or unit of government that matters to you.  Designated Funds can be set up as either permanent endowed funds or as shorter-term, non-endowed project-based funds.  Designated Fund Flyer
  • Donor-Advised Fund: You, and those you appoint, may use your fund to recommend grants to charitable organizations in the Fort Atkinson area.  Donor-Advised Fund Flyer
  • Field of Interest Fund: Identify a few areas of interest that you would like to support such as recreation, beautification, or the arts, and the board will review applications and award grants from your fund to organizations whose projects dovetail with your interests.    Field of Interest Fund Flyer
  • Scholarship Fund: Offer financial assistance to area students based on guidelines that you help establish.  Scholarship Fund Flyer
  • Acorn Fund: Start small and work your way up into one of the four endowed funds described above.  Acorn Fund Flyer

The Fort Atkinson Community Foundation is home to 80 funds – all of which are described below and all of which are working to improve our community.  We are indebted to our donors.

Our Portfolio of Funds

The General Fund

Many donors choose to give to the foundation’s General Fund.  Many of our grants are awarded from this flexible  fund which allows the foundation to respond quickly to the changing needs of the community.  Over the years, the accumulation of even the smallest of gifts have allowed us to make important grants to benefit the community.

Scholarship Funds (46)

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Designated Funds (19)

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Field of Interest Funds (7)

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Donor-Advised Funds (8)

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Acorn Funds (0)  

Fee Schedule

Our administrative fees support the mission of the Community Foundation.  They help to cover staff time and other expenses incurred in the processing of gifts; the offering, awarding and processing of scholarships; reviewing and awarding grants; preparation of annual independent audits; opening and managing charitable funds; publication of an annual report; oversight of investment performance; donor relations; nonprofit trainings; community convenings; and the promotion of charitable giving that ultimately transforms the community we call home.    Board members serve without compensation.

There is no fee to open a fund.

Endowed Funds (invested)

   Designated Fund                   .6% on the first $500,000; .2% on the remainder

   Donor-Advised Fund            .6% on the first $500,000; .2% on the remainder

   Field of Interest                     .6% on the first $500,000; .2% on the remainder

   Scholarship Fund                  1% on the first $500,000; .5% on the remainder

Non-Endowed Funds (not invested)

   Designated Project Funds    1% on donations 

   Scholarship Fund                   2% on donations

Acorn Fund

No administrative fees are assessed until the fund balance reaches the minimum endowment level of $15,000.