Mission & Overview

Vision:      A Better Fort Atkinson

Mission:    Improving the quality of life in Fort Atkinson by inspiring and supporting enduring philanthropy.

Values:     We celebrate the generosity of our community.  We value being a nimble, responsive organization that helps kind-hearted donors support their passions.  We believe in engagement, improvement, integrity, collaboration, lifelong learning, and equal opportunity.


The Fort Atkinson Community Foundation began in 1973 with a gift of $25,000 from a local citizen who wanted to designate the money to benefit a future Fort Atkinson community, whatever that community might look like and need.  Inspired by this thoughtful gift, community-minded citizens set up the foundation to be able to accept gifts, like this initial one, intending to enhance the quality of life in Fort Atkinson.  Run by a volunteer five-member Board of Directors, the foundation, which now manages assets worth over $31 million, continues to benefit from the forward-thinking generosity of the community it serves.

During our 2021-22 fiscal year, the foundation disbursed $600,619 in support of projects and scholarships.