2018 Karrels AP Computer Science Scholarships Awarded

At the August 16th school board meeting, teacher Dean Johnson and scholarship funder Ed Karrels presented 24 students from Fort Atkinson High School with $1,000 Ed Karrels AP Computer Science Scholarship awards.  All 24 students had met the requirements of the scholarship which consist of taking and passing the yearlong AP Computer Science class and then scoring a score of 3 or higher on the AP Computer Science exam.  Recipients are: Ernest Bos, Logan Bowker, Kate England, Madelynn Evans, Nicole Gjertson, Lillian Gomez, Noah Keating, Riley Koehler, Jesse Kutz, Logan Lehmann, Austin Marquart, Eli McCready, Alyssa Meacham, Margaret Opperman, Garrett Rieger, Mark Riggs, Kassidy Ruud, Colton Schiewe, Abigail Schwab, Corinne Stoutenborough, Derek Vaillancourt, Tyler Vaillancourt, Garvin Volquardsen, and Joseph Yang.  Seventeen of the recipients are pictured here. (photo by Randall Dullum, courtesy of the Jefferson County Daily Union)