2017 Scholarship Recipients

In 2017, the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation set a new record, awarding 110 scholarships to 82 students. Of those 82, 49 were high school seniors, 17 were undergraduates, 13 were graduate students, and 3 were returning voc tech students.  The total amount awarded was $296,000.

The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors would like to express their enormous gratitude to all the thoughtful and generous people who have created, or donated to, our scholarship funds. These investments in our citizens, made one person at a time, open up wonderful educational opportunities for our residents and lift our entire community. We love where we live.

Below are just some of the 2017 recipients. For a complete list, click here.

2017 Theodore W. Batterman Family Scholarship recipients with Batterman Foundation Executive Director Rebecca Emmons.  Left to right,  Madeline Buchta, Jack Burlingame, Micaela Reichert, Tanner Bakken, and Katie Frohmader.

2017 Walter & Louise Buell Merit Scholarships, each in the amount of $22,000, were awarded to Kevin England, left, and Hunter Furley, with  Foundation administrator Sue Hartwick.

Eric Bender

$4,000 Ralph & Clara Rutledge Scholarship

2013 Fort graduate beginning dental school at the University of Pittsburgh.

Myles Gasper

$2,500 Robert & Judith Knapp
$  500 Ralph & Clara Rutledge

2011 Fort graduate pursuing a master's degree in engineering mechanics at UW-Madison.

Devin Congdon

$2,000 Eileen Harrison Education
$  500 Orrin & Margaret Bull Family

2010 Fort graduate pursuing an elementary education teaching license at UW-Whitewater.

Devan Oliver

$4,500 Maurice and Clara Staller
$2,500 Fort Half Marathon

2017 Fort graduate pursuing a bachelor's degree at UW-Eau Claire.

Amy Flessert

$4,000 Jim and Lee Vance
$1,000 Walter & Louise Buell Graduate

2004 Fort graduate pursuing a Ph.D. in English rhetoric and composition at Old Dominion University

Walter Moran

$3,500 Jason Dahnert Memorial Scholarship

2017 Fort graduate majoring in architecture at UW-Milwaukee. 

Lillian Cook

$3,000 Jim and Lee Vance Scholarship

2014 Fort graduate pursing a bachelor's degree in actuarial science at UW-Eau Claire.

Leah O'Connell

$2,500 Juanita Schreiner Memorial
$1,000 Walter & Louise Buell Graduate

2010 Fort graduate pursuing a nurse practitioner degree at the University of South Florida.

Olivia Hartwick

$2,000 AAUW Jane Shaw Knox Graduate
$2,000 Ralph & Clara Rutledge

2010 Fort graduate pursuing a Ph.D. in human development at Auburn University.

Kayrene Midtlien, recipient of the inaugural Hannah Church Memorial Scholarship, pictured with Hannah's parents, Chris and Dawn Church.

Recipients of the 2017 Eagle Scout Recognition Scholarships with presenter, Robert Cheek.  Left to right - Austin Trevino, Walter Moran, Justin Jacobson, and Kevin England.  Not pictured Grayson Coleman.

Eric Sell

$1,800 Ardell Wiederhoeft Legacy Scholarship

2017 Fort graduate planning to major in computer science at UW-Eau Claire.

Carly Wallace

$2,000 Walter & Louise Buell Graduate Scholarship

2013 Fort graduate enrolling this fall in law school at Indiana University.

Lucas Springstroh

$4,000 Walter & Louise Buell Graduate Scholarship

Fort Atkinson resident and teacher at Purdy School pursuing a degree in educational leadership/principal licensure at Viterbo University.

Recipients of the 2017 Rose Inspire-a-Dream Scholarship, left to right, Sophie Christiansen, Herendira Hernandez, and Austin Trevino.  Not pictured is Alexis Long.

Emily Huerta, recipient of the $5,000 Make A Difference Scholarship, with Foundation administrator Sue Hartwick.

Brendan Zember

$1,000 Phyllis Zeimen Family Scholarship

2016 Fort graduate pursuing a degree in computer science at UW-Eau Claire.

John Compas

$3,000 Jim & Lee Vance Scholarship

2015 Fort graduate double majoring in computer engineering and computer science at UW-Madison.

James Stiemke

$3,000 Jerome Hake Engineering
$1,800 James and Frances Luther

2017 Fort graduate pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering at UW-Platteville.